What’s happening with our India Cash Back Info..

Here is a bit of info on My (our) plan for the Asian markets over the next 3 years.

TO Pre build a team of 5,000 committed individuals who wish to be the founding business members in their country in within our system. 
All will become active business members when this concept expands into their country.

5,000 Trading Partners.  1 Each.
For each of the business member to invite one potential trading partner per week to a trading partner presentation at company offices.  
The trading Partner proposal is very attractive to the small business owners; only small business owners are able to distribute company cards to their customers. 
This allows the smaller business owners to profit from their customers when they shop with the big retailers who are having a negative effect on their business. 

For each trading partner to distribute 3 cards per day.
This is not difficult as the company provide point of sale promotional material.
Three cards per day would mean each of the trading partners could distribute 1000 each per year quite easily.

This step is based on the assumption that each family holding a card will spend $300 per month with the companies trading partners. 
This is a conservative estimate when you consider a large percentage of income in Asia is spent on food and fuel. 
We have been speaking to a number of leaders in India and other Asian markets this week and they all agree this is a fair estimate even in India. 
Remember our cash-back card enables  shoppers to save up to 45% on everything that they buy; it is safe to assume that they will make an effort to purchase their groceries and fuel with the trading partners that will be on the sites at launch. 
Wouldn’t you if you were going to get 45% of your money back?

Summary of steps 1 to 4 
5000 business member pre enrolled.
5000 trading partners in the first year.
1000 card each per end of year 2.
Each family then spending $300 per month on food, fuel and clothing. 

So how much income will this make us ?
Lets work it out.. 
5,000 founding members x 1 trading partner each = 5000 trading partners.

5,000 trading partners x 1,000 cards each per year = 5,000,000 company cash back cards in the market place by the end of year 2.

Here is the good part.

5,000,000 families with a company cash back card spending $300 per month with the trading partners.

= $1,500,000,000 ( One Billion Five Hundred Million) being spent within our network!
Remember how the cash back is distributed?

On every sale
1% for the company
1% Shopper
1% Trading partner or business partners
remaining balance to unit account.

Based on the lowest cash back level of 4% would leave a remaining balance of 1$ per month going into units.

that’s $ 15,000,000 Going into the Binary system.
Divided by the BC1 Units of $75 (£45)

That would be 200,000 Units falling into the BC1 binary every month.

I can even begin to calculate the rest of the income lol

Lets just say you wont be sitting where you are right now.

You need to understand the power of what we have planned for the following 3 years.

Oh and by the way this is my plan for each of TEN Asian markets

You just have to decide if you are a go getter or a no getter.

Do you know anyone in India? 

Get your link here http://www.ibourl.com/bcc to register for your very own Indian pre build site and start sending them your link.

Our Cash Back concept – Short Intro on How it works.

The company will  Make agreements with LARGE retailer’s where you probably already shop to offer you cash back.

When you shop the cash back will be distributed like this.

1% is for the company!
1% You get in instant cash back
1% goes to the introduced trading partner or 2 business members.
Remaining Balance goes to Loyalty Account ( Unit Account)

When your Units Account has £45 in it will create a unit the AC1 binary system.

All shopping units fall into the AC1 binary, when your units has 70 more units after it you unit will mature and pay you £405 in cash.

Spend £900 with a trading partner offering a 13% cash back.

This will give you a remaining balance of £45 ( Enough For A Unit)

Unit will fall into the binary and when 70 more come after it ( guaranteed to happen) your will 
Pay out £405 in cash.

That’s a 45% saving.

5000 members in pre build… easy

1 trading partner each … easy

3 cards per day per trading partner… easy in a country of 1.3 billion people.

5,000,000 cards in the market  place… easy.

$300 dollars per month per card holder on food and fuel etc with trading partners… easy in the large cities in India such as Mumbai Bangalore Etc..

This all means 1.5 billion a month being spent will happen even if not in the time frame I am suggesting. even if it takes 5 years.
Just Watch Pearse on Video you see below where he hopefully explains just what joining this CashBack system can create for you..

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