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What’s happening with our India Cash Back Info..

Here is a bit of info on My (our) plan for the Asian markets over the next 3 years.

TO Pre build a team of 5,000 committed individuals who wish to be the founding business members in their country in within our system. 
All will become active business members when this concept expands into their country.

5,000 Trading Partners.  1 Each.
For each of the business member to invite one potential trading partner per week to a trading partner presentation at company offices.  
The trading Partner proposal is very attractive to the small business owners; only small business owners are able to distribute company cards to their customers. 
This allows the smaller business owners to profit from their customers when they shop with the big retailers who are having a negative effect on their business. 

For each trading partner to distribute 3 cards per day.
This is not difficult as the company provide point of sale promotional material.
Three cards per day would mean each of the trading partners could distribute 1000 each per year quite easily.

This step is based on the assumption that each family holding a card will spend $300 per month with the companies trading partners. 
This is a conservative estimate when you consider a large percentage of income in Asia is spent on food and fuel. 
We have been speaking to a number of leaders in India and other Asian markets this week and they all agree this is a fair estimate even in India. 
Remember our cash-back card enables  shoppers to save up to 45% on everything that they buy; it is safe to assume that they will make an effort to purchase their groceries and fuel with the trading partners that will be on the sites at launch. 
Wouldn’t you if you were going to get 45% of your money back?

Summary of steps 1 to 4 
5000 business member pre enrolled.
5000 trading partners in the first year.
1000 card each per end of year 2.
Each family then spending $300 per month on food, fuel and clothing. 

So how much income will this make us ?
Lets work it out.. 
5,000 founding members x 1 trading partner each = 5000 trading partners.

5,000 trading partners x 1,000 cards each per year = 5,000,000 company cash back cards in the market place by the end of year 2.

Here is the good part.

5,000,000 families with a company cash back card spending $300 per month with the trading partners.

= $1,500,000,000 ( One Billion Five Hundred Million) being spent within our network!
Remember how the cash back is distributed?

On every sale
1% for the company
1% Shopper
1% Trading partner or business partners
remaining balance to unit account.

Based on the lowest cash back level of 4% would leave a remaining balance of 1$ per month going into units.

that’s $ 15,000,000 Going into the Binary system.
Divided by the BC1 Units of $75 (£45)

That would be 200,000 Units falling into the BC1 binary every month.

I can even begin to calculate the rest of the income lol

Lets just say you wont be sitting where you are right now.

You need to understand the power of what we have planned for the following 3 years.

Oh and by the way this is my plan for each of TEN Asian markets

You just have to decide if you are a go getter or a no getter.

Do you know anyone in India? 

Get your link here to register for your very own Indian pre build site and start sending them your link.

Our Cash Back concept – Short Intro on How it works.

The company will  Make agreements with LARGE retailer’s where you probably already shop to offer you cash back.

When you shop the cash back will be distributed like this.

1% is for the company!
1% You get in instant cash back
1% goes to the introduced trading partner or 2 business members.
Remaining Balance goes to Loyalty Account ( Unit Account)

When your Units Account has £45 in it will create a unit the AC1 binary system.

All shopping units fall into the AC1 binary, when your units has 70 more units after it you unit will mature and pay you £405 in cash.

Spend £900 with a trading partner offering a 13% cash back.

This will give you a remaining balance of £45 ( Enough For A Unit)

Unit will fall into the binary and when 70 more come after it ( guaranteed to happen) your will 
Pay out £405 in cash.

That’s a 45% saving.

5000 members in pre build… easy

1 trading partner each … easy

3 cards per day per trading partner… easy in a country of 1.3 billion people.

5,000,000 cards in the market  place… easy.

$300 dollars per month per card holder on food and fuel etc with trading partners… easy in the large cities in India such as Mumbai Bangalore Etc..

This all means 1.5 billion a month being spent will happen even if not in the time frame I am suggesting. even if it takes 5 years.
Just Watch Pearse on Video you see below where he hopefully explains just what joining this CashBack system can create for you..

Why not use Leverage as a work concept!

According to “self-made” multi-millionaire entrepreneur extraordinaire and world-renowned Best Selling author ROBERT KIYOSAKI: “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work!” So why would have (or building) a “network” can potentially make you a wealthy person? 
The answer is LEVERAGE!. The wealthy use 2 main strategies to apply leverage for financial gain: 
1) – They have money at work; a strategy they call O.P.M. (or Other People’s Money), where they typically borrow money and then “leverage” that money to produce capital gains for themselves (i.e. investments, stocks, bonds, real state, business ventures, etc.) 
2) – They have people at work; a strategy they call O.P.T. (or Other People’s Time), where they put others to work and then leverage their time/effort to produce capital gains for themselves. For example: an employee that gets paid $15 per hour, which in turn produces $50 in “leveraged income” for the employer in that same hour. Leverage happens to be the very reason why, even in a down economy, few manage to become wealthy (or continue adding to their existing fortunes), while the majority of the population continue to struggle financially! 
Understanding this, how can you place yourself to start benefiting from this concept of leverage? 
Find a business already designed around this wealth building strategy; which is what this opportunity is all about. 
That’s right! As soon as you join us as a Business Partner, you will immediately receive all the tools, training and support from industry professionals, so that you can begin building your very own “Global Network” of like-minded people, consumers and distributors alike, using our ”proven” SYSTEM that will take care of doing most of the telling, and even “the selling” for you!
Did you know there are only 2 possible ways to earn income? 
One is called LINEAR income and the other is called RESIDUAL (or passive) income. Linear income means trading time/effort for money. 
Therefore, those earning linear income “only” get paid based on how much work they physically put in. 
So the moment they stop working, they “stop” earning! Since more than 90% of the global work force trades their time for money, “financial freedom” for anyone earning linear income will be out of reach in most cases. 
Residual income on the other hand is the type of income that keeps coming in on a consistent basis, long after the first work has been expended. In other words, residual (or passive) income will continue to pay you even when you are NOT working! Actors, Musicians, Authors, Software Developers, Investors, and of course, Network Marketing distributors are some examples of people accustomed to earning this type of income. Simply put, residual (or passive) income is the income of rich!
The Home-Based Business Phenomenon!
A relevant low start-up cost, flexible hours, no territorial restrictions, untapped income potential, the down turn in the economy, and the internet, are some of the reasons the home business segment is now experiencing unprecedented growth on a global scale. 
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States alone there are over 18.3 million home-based businesses and close to 60 million worldwide! 
Entrepreneur Magazine estimates that $427 billion is generated each year by the home-based businesses phenomenon. 
That’s more than the pharmaceutical, food and consumer goods industries – combined! 
A recent IDC survey indicates the average income for income-generating home office households in the U.S. is $65,000 a year, with more than 20,000 home-based entrepreneurs earning over $1 million in annual revenue in 2009! 
Now, here’s the best part: As a Business Partner you can immediately start cashing in from these emerging global trends “without” having to become an Internet Marketing Guru, or a Telecommunications expert, or without having to spend a significant amount of time, effort, money, or “sell” anything to anyone! 
This CashBack System speaks for its self once you know exactly how this all works
That’s because your new CashBack home-based business already comes with everything you will need to become successful, including a simple, ”proven” SYSTEM which is just simply to tell people or ask the Question 
“would the use of a well-known Cash Back card that provides up to 45 percent Cash Back on what you are already spending on everything you now buy be of interest to you”? 
That will take care of doing most of the telling, and even “the selling” for you! 
Believe me then direct them to our room here by just adding them to the room yourselves..

We Will Create an abundance of CashBack Wealth Working ToGether

Hello everyone as you can see below there is allot to read and take in here..
I may have added you to our new Skype Group Room I created for various reasons the main one being is because I seriously believe this cash back concept I have invited you all to take a look at should be of Interest too you also..    
But if you have added yourself using my joining links flashing above you see on my profile here skype:ezyntrprise?userinfo                                                                                       
Which should work if your skype is live on your P.C. If not look for my Skype profile and add EzyNtrPrise which is me as your skype contact also..
Obviously if not my apologies for bothering you today & you can remove yourself which I will understand but I do hope you will stay awhile for future updates..                                                                              
100 £££ or 100 $$$$ or 100 Euros  YOU SPEND ON EVERY DAY ITEMS LIKE 
With retail outlets on board such as Tesco, Morrison’s, Argos, ASDA, H.Samuel, Pc World… 
Even software companies like Adobe, Epson, Plus Sears, Walmart even SKYPE itself the list is endless..
Most definitely – Take a look at my info I created here
This Blog has been created so that all members can be kept informed about this concept 
AVAILABLE Now IN EUROPE _ North & South America _South Africa
AND NOW THE U.K. (United Kingdom) 
Hong Kong
LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING YOUR COMMENTS                                                  
Meetings will be held on a daily basis in 
OPEN EVERY DAY FOR SEVERAL HOURS FROM 2 pm GMT ON WARDS TILL 1 am GMT for group chats & Presentations..
Then just Stay in our SKYPE Group room for further Information                                              
Our Guidelines –  Message to all members of this room to find out more info on this Cash Back concept please visit the URL’s you see here                                                                       
Then visit these                                                 
Also The idea of receiving Cash Back savings is well-known Worldwide.
Please… Take a look at my info I created here 

Many concepts for this format in savings exist in many shapes and forms because it helps any type of retail outlet keep it’s customers..
In this day and age of customer awareness the need to keep customers is paramount because competition is fierce in the market place..
 I knew about this concept several month’s ago but guess what I didn’t take much notice..
Now I think too myself Wow how silly was that to be honest I could not be bothered to learn how it all worked but since then I have analysed this business a few time’s still before I got involved and found that it offered a true residual income.

With so many companies out there looking to sell you what they have to offer with the full knowledge that many other similar products can be found on offer, that are of the same type elsewhere it’s no wonder these cash back offers are rife in today’s markets..

The cost of living in general of late has risen to great heights these past few year’s which is why people need to shop around for the best savings they can find which is why  these type of offers appeal to the majority of the population..
That’s why we all need to take heed and be aware of trends new and old that are presented to the world to help us save even more..                                            
Just so you know how to create a Cash back card account in your name & use one for yourself please ask me to arrange it for you as that needs to be addressed in your personal skype windows for now so place your request here and I will get back too you.. 
The main company U.K. site involved with this can be seen here  
No need chasing people because the concept once you understand how it all work’s.. well it speaks for itself.. 
It’s Just fun & all one needs to do is just encourage people to take a look & when most see the light they will at some point get involved & then use the card themselves cos it saves them money on what they are spending already & when they buy as I am doing, after I earn & you will earn too…                       
All you need to do is spread the word this is not a hard sell type of product plus it’s workable on line and off line too so ways to promote are quite advantageous..                                                                                                                                                            
I have talked to some wonderful leaders these past few weeks & they all endorsed this cash back card concept as an excellent opportunity…                                                                                     
I just wanted to let you all know my take on this idea & why I joined.. Thank you for your interest so far..
This is not network marketing for two reasons
2. The opportunity to become a business partner or business member will not be available forever… The company will close the door on it when they have enough business partners to take this forward as they are I reckon only looking for around 30,000 in the U.K. for now…  Just so you know..
How many people do you know that are fed up with the cost of everything going up who might like to get a guaranteed 45% back on everything that they buy? I say guaranteed because this has been certified by the same people who give Mercedes-Benz vehicles their quality assurance Certificate.
Everyone Shops every Single day.
Also how many business owners do you know that are finding it really hard to compete with the flagship retailers? 
How many business owners do you know that would like to take 1% out of ASDA or Morrison’s or Tesco, Sears, WALMART’s Till when their Loyal customer’s shop there?
How many business do you know that would like to make another £60,000 a year while their customers are not even shopping with them.
How many people do you know that would like to turn £45 into £17,000 Multiple times throughout the year?
I know many of you might be busy with other things but I seriously suggest that you take some time to study this as you will be amazed.
This is for everyone, not just people who want to make some money online, everyone shops and everyone wants to save as much as they can at the places that they already shop.
Food, Fuel, Clothing, electronics, flights, furniture etc etc etc, you name it we can save people money on it.
Get back to Andy and find out more.
As an added Bonus the top earner is earning 320,000 per month after building his business in only two small European markets. We are currently developing 10 Asian Pre-build website’s for the ten Asian Markets Launching Next Year.
Plus once you get on board you will be able to promote those site’s also with your name tagged to each site..
Try it & see look here  & register then BOOM you will have your own referral site too FREE of course..
The other nine site’s we are creating for all concerned in our team will be ready asap..
You can start building your international organisation way before anyone else and we will hit the ground running in those 10 Asian Markets while others are just finding their feet.
For those not in the United Kingdom check the site  
for your local trading partners where you can save money.
ALSO as I feel this is paramount to us all…  

Any money that  business partners & trading partners invest in this business proposition is 100 per cent safe & secure..        Guaranteed! WHY!              

Because it can be clawed back too you at anytime should you feel it is not working for you or them..      Plus it’s all Tax deductible.                                                               

No Questions asked!                                                                                                 
BUT it would only be paid back in the form of a voucher to use as spend in all or any of the retail outlets now available on the cash back sites question which are in several countries.. 
So you have no worries on that score, in that respect cos you would have spent the monies anyway plus guess what all monies invested, although paid back like this, just so you know, that all vouchers given back in this way, you could sell on to your friends & family as well as spend at there actual value cos they also are gonna spend money on groceries & fuel for instance anyway..                                                                                                                                                                    
Should you so decide in the future to do this you will obviously give up your business membership but you can renew it again at anytime..                                                                                                                   
Now that’s more than fair..                                                   
Hope you understand & agree
Let’s chat about this soon in my room here which is open every day for several hours & open now so I can explain using the presentations I have to show you..
I am a real person on Facebook as on Twitter as add me as a contact on those site’s too..
I thank you for your time today & patience as we hopefully grow together in the very near future..
Hello again did you know we have the opportunity to be the first to develop teams in the 10 Asian countries that will be opening up with this cash back concept before next year!  You can be a part of the first people to develop teams in these countries almost a year ahead of anyone else. Without boasting we will be the dominant team in the Asian market and that means we will also dominate the income. You are being presented with an amazing opportunity here with our cash back card concept but on top of that you are being given opportunities that others won’t have access too until next year. 
How big could you build your business when you have a year head start.
So if you want the links to the site’s to register yourselves for free that will give you your own presentation site to send out to people just let us know!                                                                         
S I M P L E S as the Meerkat would say ..
The Biggest Opportunity To Ever Hit India Is Coming IN 2012.
Not One Binary, But 5
Not One Income, But 9
Not One Product, but Every Product!
Not Just for Networkers, But For Everyone!
Not Just For Business Builders But for Business Owners!
And You Know  A Year Before Anyone Else!
How Big Could You Build Your Business If You Had A Year Head Start?
What if you were the First to Launch Ten Asian Market.
No Need to Convince People!
It’s based on What We Do Every Day.
People Already Want What We Have.
You Can Start Building Your Future Today For FREE!
Lock Your Top Position Before Anyone Else.
You can use this CashBack system as a pension plan.
You can do it with a one time £135 for 3x AC1 Units
If you Introduce 4 other to become business members you will get all comissions.
Spend the rest of your life shopping only with our trading partners and your remaining balances of cash back will create units that are guaranteed to mature.
We have financial advisors telling their clients to become members and shop a pension.
Just a slight correction, when the advertising campaign starts in the UK we will be asked if we wish to take part in it. 
If we do then we will buy shares in the advertising campaign. 
We will then get an equal share of the sign up that are gained from the advertising and branding campaign.
Just to let everyone know we are getting close to launching our next Asian intro to this business opportunity pre-build website.. Yes!  
It’s for people looking out for new ideas in Malaysia so watch this space.. 
Any Q’s Guys n Gals U need A’s 2 just ask!
Just think when we can all pre-build this in the 10 new Asian markets coming on board next year using our free to register at & use to promote with websites at your disposal .. 
How many pre-build teams of people could you get on board makes you think believe me this is gonna rock the company when we all hit the ground running when the launch dates are active don’t you think..  
Plus we all have the opportunity now to promote the countries this has already launched into and add even further momentum to those markets… 
Talk about a WorldWide Opportunity ..  Plus this is in the U.K. now which is ripe for picking people now to join us..
Guys n Gals Remember this we are involved with an International Company who are seeking Entrepreneurial Individuals 2 embark on a lucrative venture that with our help will enhance your present lifestyle! 
If  you are a Leader & would like the opportunity to Pre-Build 10 New Asian Markets Plus Australia & including India 
Don’t forget our new update blog here that will be available for all concerned for help & further info that will be added as time allows…
Then we need 2 talk asap contact me in my personal Skype window & Learn what we now Know.. 
This is available Worldwide especially if You are a True Leader & have established contacts already.. 
Hope you will consider my request to see what is on offer here..   
Believe me this is a chance to get ahead of the crowd by Pre building teams a year in advance.. 
Check us out see our pre-build, free to use & register sites here at our India page plus our Australian site also here and then when U grasp the concept you can start pre building a team for next years Launch into these markets..   
Our Malaysian page will soon be ready to use also so watch this space.. 
S I M P L E S.. 
Then with our help & info we will guide them in the direction to gain the knowledge they will need! Hope this helps.. 
Remember any Q’s you need A’s too! Just Ask..
Wanna register yourself with our U.K. site as a Business Partner.. 
Just let me know.. 
Have a good day out in Cyberspace..

A BIG Hello to all concerned! Please call back soon to check us out !

Trust Global Radio Playing NOW on our site HERE to stop this radio show playing just click the white arrow.. S I M P L E S..  

To our first post hopefully of many yet to come all about our Cash Back with every purchase concept that will allow all concerned to save up to 45% cash yes, back to you, as a thank you for shopping within the main site you will in time hopefully become a part of..

For Further Information for what we are all about please ask for more info here.

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